「A Thought on Observing Time After 3.11」 2012 -

A Thought on Observing Time No.75

Beeswax・Wood・Lead・Rosin・Glass・ Copper・ Plastics / 28 x 28 x 12 cm / 2012 /
Personal collection



A Thought on Observing Time After3.11

My eye was once caught by a photograph of very beautiful small flowers printed in a newspaper. I thought it was a picture of flowers but when I looked closer I realised that it was a photomicrograph of a type of metal. In a world that is magnified two thousand times, entities exist with shapes like ‘strange flowers’, their appearance is that of flowers blooming in our natural and visible world. They so closely resembled natural flowers that in my imagination I developed the idea that they might have had the same kind of lives in a world that I cannot see.

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