The matière made from etching

About the workshop

The workshop doesn't concern normal etching. (We don’t draw lines using a steel pen. We use a crayon or varnish to draw the pictures. )

At first, you will make a kind of matière using acid and then, you can realize your new idea from this matière. The technique looks like surrealism.

In normally etching, the artist has to control acid concentration to dissolve the plate. But this time, the artist doesn’t control it and doesn't come to the workshop with a preconceived idea of what the etching will be. In so doing, the artist can create an entirely new image on the plate. And this time, the artist makes an original scraper themselves because the artist uses it to make matière on the plate. The artist will find new image by deep searching in his/her mind without thinking about which image they want to do before the class.

Subject: The matière made from etching

Yokahama museum atelier workshop

Date: 12th January 2007 -30th March 2007 every Friday 12 weeks

Time: 14:00-16:30

Limit: 15 people

Price: 29000yen