Draw to make the miraculous etching

About the Workshop

When I was a child, I was inquisitive about many things but many adults couldn’t give me what I considered good answers and this disappointed me. So, I have been inquisitive since a child. I am interested in reasons for things. I think every child is inquisitive.

I want to try to draw out curiosity from students to use in their printing. The workshop has a concept of art and science.

At first, I amgoing to talk about copper. I will show copper ore and processed goods because it will be easy to understand for children. The students use a felt –tip pen and a seal to make an etching because it is very easy to make a drawing on the copper plate. After that, the students put the plate to acid.

The acid dissolves the copper plate and the students can watch the plates change in the acid. The students will ask “why does the plate change form? ” I want to amaze and allow the students to discover.

Afterthat, the students prints the plate. I want students to know that the print is the inverse image of the copper plate. At last, the student washes the copper plate using salt and vinegar. It changes the plate color from dull pink to shiny rose-colored.

Place: Tama art university / Tokyo Japan

Date: Class A 26 March 2007 / Class B 27 March 2007

Time: 10:00-15:00

Limited : to 15 people each class (only for school child grades 1-6 )

Price : 3000yen (special material fee 1000yen)

Teacher : Masaaki Ohya and 3 assistants