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Masaaki Ohya Solo Exhibition  "NATURE : BEYOND TIME AND SPACE"

I hold my solo exhibition at Theca Gallery in Lugano Switzerland. I show prints and objet works.

Date:16.09.2014 - 02.11.2014

Opening Hours : Monday/Friday 10 am - 8 pm (by appointment) Saturday 11 am - 4 pm (by appointment)

Vernissage:16.09.2014 pm: 17:00-

GalleryTheca Gallery
Via Pessina, 13 Lugano CH
Interview by Theca Gallery Andrea Carlo Alpini

Press release :
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Contact : Tel. +41 91 922 7072

Curators :Monica Anziliero and Alice Tegazi

Curators Exhibition : Monica Anziliero, she graduated in Economics and Management of Arts and Culture at the University Ca' Foscari of Venice (2013) and graduated in Economics and Management of Art and Cultural Heritage of the Business School Sole 24 Ore in Rome.
Alice Tegazi, she graduated in Oriental Languages and Studies at the University La Sapienza in Rome (2013) and graduated in Economics and Management of Art and Cultural Heritage of the Business School Sole 24 Ore in Rome.

About Exhibition : Theca Gallery (Lugano) presents the first solo exhibition in Switzerland of the Japanese artist Ohya Masaaki titled NATURE: BEYOND TIME AND SPACE. The exhibition brings together a careful reflection on the nature and life, through an accurate selection of works from the last fifteen years of the artist's production. The exhibition is divided into three sections that reflect the process of meditation performed by Masaaki Ohya in the production of his works. The first section, called "observation" gathers some of the works of the cycle Permanent power; the second, entitled "reflection" illustrates some of the works of the cycle A priori towane (2005-2011); Finally, the last section, called "consciousness", exhibits some works of the cycle A thought on observing time after 3.11. NATURE: BEYOND TIME AND SPACE reviews, therefore, a process of reflection, a choice of research and protect the natural environment. The consciousness of the artist responds to a need shared: Masaaki finds himself in nature, his deepest inner self is manifested through the environment, etching with engraving techniques. The artist with extreme care and sensitivity analyzes every little part of the world, showing perfectly in line with it, in a loop without time and space.


I won the Graphic arts category at PREMIO COMBAT PRIZE 2014

For the Graphic arts category, Oyha Masaaki has been selected with his "Drawing n.28", felt as a work of extreme delicacy, able to touch for its lightness of line and the fluidity of vision. Through the liquidity of mezzatint the artist can efficiently propose, even within a very small size, visual suggestions that recreate the vibrations of brush stroke.A special mention has been obtained in this category by Piia Lehti.

Sapporo Art Park workshop

I will hold a special workshop of the summer in Sapporo Art Park print studio.The theme is "etching". I am focus on texture.I will teach the technique to make a wide range of surface detail.

Period: the 3rd (Fri) - August 1 (Sunday)
Time: 10:30 - 16:00
Tuition: 12.000 yen (material cost included)
Target: beginner - experienced
Capacity: 15 people

Contact: 011-592-4122 (office hours 9:54 - 17:00)
(20 days no later than July) Apply postcard: How to apply
Please send to the address below and fill out the return address, the name address, name, phone number, seminars name you want, date and time, in reply to the column postcard.
〒 005-0864
Sapporo Minami-ku Geijutsunomori 2-chome, 75
Sapporo Art Park craft studio crafts Prints and classroom engagement

Tama Art University Print Exhibition "Now, it is interesting print"

I will hold Print Exhibition at Hokkaido Takikawa Natural History Museum.

Period:July 19, 2014 (Saturday) to 24 August (Sun)
Place:Takikawa Natural History Museum


My work has been nominated for the PREMIO COMBAT PRIZE 2014

Announced the 80 artists who have been shortlisted for the fourth edition of PREMIO COMBAT PRIZE 2014 and the recommended artists list who will be published on the catalogue.
Selection held by Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Francesca Baboni, Filippo Maggia, Andrea Bruciati, Alberto Salvadori and Stefano Taddei.
Appointment at "Museo Civico G. Fattori ex Granai di Villa Mimbelli" and "Museo di Storia Naturale di Livorno" from June 21nd to July 5th.


I will participate in WHITE LIGHT I WHITE HEAT Exhibition. I exhibited engravings.

© Oyha Masaaki, Copperplate Prints- 'Drawing' n.28, mezzatinta, 15x11cm, 2011_ Courtesy Theca Gallery Lugano

Place:Theca Gallery
Theca Gallery
Via Pessina, 13

20th February 2014 | 13th April 2014


Thursday 20th, February 2014

Opening: 6 p.m.


Theca Gallery

Via Pessina, 13




Mon – Fri 10 am – 8 pm (by appointment)

Saturday 10 am – 4 pm (by appointment)


Tel. +41 91 922 7072


After the Hungarian exhibition “Memoriae of a collection” and the Italian one “Voyage en Italie”, Theca Gallery Lugano is pleased to open the Swiss season with the Group Show “White Light | White Heat”.

The show features the following artists: Jonathan Guaitamacchi, Mohsen Taasha Wahidi, Federico De Leonardis, Claudia Scarsella, Debora Barnaba and the latest represented by the gallery: the Japanese Oyha Masaaki.

The use of black and white as an expressive means is the theme of the exhibition. Some of the main topics explored through the exhibition path are summarized within the meanings of empty and full, absence and presence, material and spiritual substance. The expressive media range from Barnaba’s photography to Taasha’s carbon laid on cardboard, here represented with a juvenile artwork preceding the ones related to dOCUMENTA13. Scarsella’s collages in single number edition and Guaitamacchi’s paintings are also shown in this exhibition. Guaitamacchi is introducing in Switzerland the glacier series of photo-based works, as the result of his experience hanging around Engadina during spring time, leaving behind the two-coloured visions of Londra, Milano and Capetown, by exploring the snowy peaks of Morteratsch, Bernina, Cresta Guzza, Diavolezza and capturing the changing light ofsnow, ice and lakes of the Alps.

The show also includes Masaaki’s works on paper, “mezzotinte” coming from engravings on copperplates, already present in important oriental artmuseum collections. De Leonardis ends the artistic course with “Genesi della tagliatella”, his first work realized in 1976, a lithography on Japanese paper from which the still actual “Tagliatelle series” was born, rarefied works where music and space break into the audience’s visual scene.

In occasion of this exhibition Theca Gallery is proud to present, thanks to his own editorial strategy, the first edition of “Eclissi”, an art-book that collects De Leonardis thoughts, written at the end of every single “Tagliatella” creation between 1977 and 2013. The book is published in 50 copies only signed by the artist, 10 of them are also enriched with a work “Tagliatella” and available for prestigious collectors only.

About Theca Gallery

Theca Gallery is a contemporary art gallery based in Lugano, established at the of 2012, that carries his activity both in Lugano and in International Art Fairs and in prestigious recognized locations within the art world. The three aims of the artistic and cultural research of the gallery are conceptual, historical and material stratification.


Andrea Carlo Alpini
Direttore Theca Gallery

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15 - 26 January 2014  Masaaki Ohya New Works Shonandai MY gallery END

I will be holding a new solo exhibition in Japan.I am going to show "A Priori Towane" sires form new print works and "Drawing of Print" sires form new print works.

Place:Shonandai MY gallery
Date : 15January - 26 January 2014