The Small Print Exhibition you can hold

The concept of production

In Japan all of the print exhibitions present the prints in frames on a wall which you can't touch in the same way as you can a book. In this way the print is a piece of artwork of paper and ink which cannot be touched and interacted with by the viewer. I think this is a mistake, because somewhat impersonal. For me, the charm of a print is on the paper and ink. If the viewer can touch the paper on which the print is made, many people will change their conception of what a print is and have direct interaction with the artwork.So, in Autumn 2011 I had a plan at The Small Print Exhibition which allowed the viewer to touch the works of 16 artists at the Sudou Art Museum in Odawara Japan. This exhibition took place in room N° 4 of the gallery. The 16 print artists created small prints. There were intaglio, woodcut and lithograph. All of the works came with an original handmade box case.

Subject: The Small Print Exhibition you can hold
Organization : Sudoh Art Museum
Project : Masaaki Ohya
Place : Sudoh Art Museum in room no.4
Date : 20 September - 2 October 2011
Artists : Tomomi Miyano / Yuuko Hama / Ayako Suzuki / Sawako Zenda / Jyukonko Ogawa / Jyunko Hayakawa / Chie Murakoshi / Masami Yoshimura / Masaomi Ueda / Naoko Takino / Ren Suzuki / Tomomi Suzuki / Yurie Mamiya / Hokuto Shimada / Shougo Muto / Kimihiro Ueno /




■2008-09 The Japanese Government’s Overseas Study Program for Artists in Paris
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■2008 13th International Biennial Print Exhibition in Taiwan
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■2007 Group Study Exchange Program in Brazil
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