The Yamamoto Art collection Exhibition talk show

About the exhibition and talk show

Mr. Yamamoto is a very famous art collector in Japan. He is an office worker and he has been collecting art works for 30 years. He usually looks for artwork at art galleries on the weekend. He has about 1300 art works. This time, He is showing 160 works in his collections at the Sato Museum of Art and the exhibition is also holding a talk show “collector and young artist”. Members of the panel are 3 young artists. (an oil painter, a print artist, a Japanese painter) and Mr.Yamamoto and the Sato museum curator. We will discuss “How do I look for and find a collector of my age and How do I find good artists? the panelists will talk about their feelings about art in general. The talk show will help find the kind of artwork you are looking for at an art gallery.

Subject : The Yamamoto Art collection Exhibition talk show subject : collector and young artists
Place : The Sato Museum of Art
Date : February 7, 2010
Time : 15:00-17:00
Limit : 100 people
Price :500yen




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