The event that is inscribed in my memory

1987 - 1995

1995 Travel in New York1987: I entered high school as one of the first students at my school. The school was the last one in a project in which Kanagawa prefecture tried to establish 100 schools in the borough. An oil painting I had made was awarded with the first award for the school, and the picture is still displayed in the school as a memorial.

1992: I entered university in April. I had only experienced copper print making in a preparatory school for a university entrance examination and I had hated it, so it was a surprise for myself to chose to enter the print making department in university. Interestingly, I believe there is a karma in the fact that I again entered the university as the first student for this department. What was impressive in the life of the university was that the majority of my course mates were unique.

1995: I went to New York for 3 weeks as my first trip abroad. It was a tour trip, learning the skills of photography. Notably, 90% of the attendants on the tour was come from the Kansai area. I had found it difficult to communicate with people from Kansai area before, but this impression was completely changed in the first day of the tour. The friend who I met on the tour when we tried to find horseshoe crab shells at the beach in New York is now my best friend of 10 years.

1996 - 1998

Tama Art Univ Print Studio1996: I encountered my first supporter Mr H who introduced me to Mr T of S museum. Later on, I ended up having my first solo exhibition organised by Mr H. Also, I met the owner of the O gallery, and received some advice about work as an artist. It was the first step of my work as an artist.

1997: My first work, Origin of Colony was heavily criticised in the postgrad seminar. After coming home, I discovered that my art work Permanet Power had attained the first award in a competition held in Romania. I don't know why, but I remember that I was told to distribute pencils if I went to Romania. It was also impressive that someone travelled from Romania to deliver me a gift.

1998: I made my own art studio with my father in our house. We made furniture and a press machine by following my body size and the advice of my teacher F. After that, I ended up working for the following 4 years in the research department in my university. I learnt various things under the supervision of both of Mr M and F, who were my instructing teachers.

2002 - 2005

2004 Travel in Spain 2002: I studied advanced print making under the supervision of Mr K in a scholarship programme given by the Agency of Cultural Affairs, and
I feel I could inherit some very valuable things from him. I always remember how I was taught by Mr K in his workshop every time I see Star Wars.

2003: I met the princess of Thailand. The atmosphere of a thai royal might be something similar to the Japanese Royal Family.
I think that everything in Thailand is very much more mysterious than any other countries. I was so impressed to the temple Watpho.

2004: In July, I travelled alone for 3 weeks over Spain and France carrying a rucksack on my back. I showed a daruma - a traditional Japanese doll with only one eye. The eye is expected to be filled in by the person who receives it - in a village in Spain, and the people were very flattered. I felt the warmth of Latino character in a kind young couple that I met on the journey. In returning for their kindness in offering me a meal, I instantly made a sculpture of their figures in front of them.

2005: In July, I went to Mexico, and saw the other side of the earth that is very different from the life in Japan. It is shame I could not take any memorial pictures, because I was told that there are some scorpions in the devastated field. I married on 19th September, and started to having a new life. It was a strange wedding since my father's speech was very popular and more accepted than anything else in the ceremony.I met again with Ms Katerina who is an artist from Slovakia, and we exchanged our art works between us.

2006 - 2011

2009 Travel in Paris 2006: I was staying in the operation room when my first son Gaku was born. His big hands were impressive to me.

2007: I went to Brazil with four Japanese from the Rotary club for one month in May and we did a homestay then I had a big culture shock. In October, I met an artist named Basil Alkazzi. He promised to sponsor my work around the world.

2008: I was in Paris for one year, from 2008 to 2009, for the Japanese Government’s Overseas Study Program for Artists. I lived alone for the first time and I didn’t understand anything in French. I had many first-time experiences.

2009: I made a book in Paris. It was a collection of drawings and poems that I collaborated with a French poet, Robert Marteau. I went on some trips in Europe with many new friends that I made in Paris. I was sad when I had to go back home. This year was the most special year of all my life.

2010 :My second son “RIKU” was born in June 2010. I was surprised by the difference in the personality between him and my eldest son who is 8years old. I went to in Cluji Romania in December because I participated in an exhibition at The National Museum. I returned to Paris again and I met my friends and I was happy to meet with poet Robert Marteau and artist Hector Sunier.

2011:After The Tohoku Kanto Earthquake which damaged the Fukushima nuclear power plant, I experienced the feeling for the first time of how Japanese people felt after the catastrophe of WW2 when their cities were destroyed.

2012:I met a copperplate engraver in Kyoto, because I have a strong interest in engraving techniques.

2013:I applied for a Doctorate in Metier of Engraving at Tama Art University which is my Alma Mater and during the year held several preschool art workshops in local nursery schools.

2014:I exhibited in Theca Gallery in Lugano Switzerland and I won a graphics award, known as The Combat Prize 2014 for Italy and I held a Solo exhibition at the Theca Gallery during the year.2014.