I enjoy spending calm, serene moments of time by myself. I like to gaze into the liquid acid, used to corrode the etched plate, that magical black box, during quiet nights in my studio.For a long time I have felt comfortable with the mysterious process of etching, when the creative act is left to other hands, as I much prefer ambiguity about everything.

The origin of the word 'hihi' describes the state of continuous and heavy rain and snow; I also use this term to express how in life the quiet, unquenchable fire ceaselessly continues to burn seemingly for eternity.Since I was a child I have lived in a peaceful environment, surrounded by plants.

I think that it is this environment that has probably contributed to my having thoughts about plants and using them naturally as a source for my creative ideas. I feel that, this special, quiet life, devoid of language, will remain the key to the creation of endless images in my mind.

Masaaki Ohya 1997

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