Various plants blossom in my garden. Each year they transform their appearance and rise up to inform me of the changing seasons. It is a mystery that the same plants bloom in the same places every year. This seems to be an act of nature, however, there might be some other reason for this.

It is difficult for me to say whether seeds are the beginning or the end of life in a plant’s lifecycle. Yet it is a fact that the majority of plants replicate themselves and quietly perform their rituals for regeneration.Plants have their own idiosyncrasies and faces, as do people.The form of the pod that contain the doubles of plants are called seeds and transcend time. They fall into a quiet sleep, without knowing when they will hear the voice of resurrection.

The form of the coffin represents the prescribed individuality of the plant. This allows me to imagine a transmogrified form, ensuring its survival for many years to come.What are the signs that are inscribed in the lives of plants that will transcend time and conserve the genes in their transformed appearances? I feel that if I quietly open a pod that is sleeping in my hand, I might release a melody, that will forever, sound beautiful.

Masaaki Ohya 1996

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